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Sangreal boxerkennel is a small family kennel  You can find us  in Göd (near Budapest) Hungary.

We've got our first 4 years old boxer bitch in 1996 from a friend, she was only a "home pet". In 2001 we bought 2 boxer puppies (first a male and then a female)In 2003 we built our own house and kennel in Göd and decided to start breeding.Our boxers Muzslai Box Doris and Kőérbereki Furio were bilogically "grown up", of couse they made all exams etc. wich we need to start.

Our boxers are health tested according to the latest rules and recommendations (Hip Displasya, spondylosis, cardiological tests etc.) 

We'are using only   excellent  European  and  Hungarian bloodlines. We have invested a lot of time,love and money  for our dogs and always try to find a real home for our pups, because they need to hadle with special care. Our pourpose is to breed boxers concentrated for the genetic health, type, temperament and longevity.

We have own litters rarely.

In 2008 we managed to buy an upcoming star Universum Tosca  from our friends (Universum Boxerkennel) We have an expectation, that she will be a very succesfull show bitch (she has all requirements), introduced in Hungary first end of spring 2009.

Furthermore we picked from our B  litter Sangreal box Bársony sired by our stud dog Kőérbereki Furio.She has a unique pedigree (combined the main italian show and the hungarian working bloodlines) and "the real boxer"  personality and wesen,that we decided,she has to stay in our kennel.By the way, this little bitch is so compact and lovely, that she will carry everybody off his feet .

From February 2009 we are training with a professional dog trainer for domestic and European boxer shows and for work trial with our new bitches ,and according to my wishes we can make the ZTP exam.

In May 2009 I made a breeding decision and bought an adult red boxer bitch Elastic Elke. I hope that she will be a new ground of my breeding program.

We have faith in

biomi.jpg nutrition


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Average analysis
Crude protein 32 %, crude fat 14 %, crude ash 7 %, crude fibre 2.5 %, fatty acid omega-6: 2.5 % and omega-3: 0.6 %. Calcium 0.9 %, phosphorus 0.7 %.


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Mai: 93
Tegnapi: 30
Heti: 379
Havi: 1 296
Össz.: 323 211

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